Maine Lobster Innovation Guide

Creating More Products with Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster is one of the most iconic seafoods in the world. It’s used as both a center-of-the-plate offering and as an ideal ingredient to elevate a variety of meals. On top of being environmentally-friendly, it’s nutrient-rich, distinctly sweet and versatile—making it an ideal ingredient for product developers. Download our Maine Lobster Innovation Guide to see new research and ready-to-create product concepts.

Download our Maine Lobster Innovation Guide

Maine Lobster in High Demand

With a 28% increase in seafood sales in 2020, consumers are showing increased interest in the category, creating an opportunity for more product innovation with Maine Lobster. In fact, if more products with Maine Lobster were available...

of consumers would purchase at least once per month

of consumers would purchase at least once per week

Further, if price was not an issue, consumers selected a product
with Maine Lobster over EVERY other premium protein.

Consumers say they'd choose Maine Lobster products over every other premium protein.

Ready-To-Be-Created Products

Now, more than ever, consumers are seeking out sustainable restaurant-quality ingredients, which has led to an increased demand for Maine Lobster, and, with its distinctly sweet flavor and versatility, its the perfect ingredient to incorporate into new product options. Help meet the rise in consumer demand for premium lobster dishes with concepts inspired by consumer research and real-world trends.

Maine Lobster Hushpuppies

Maine Lobster All-American Classics

Consumers are prioritizing local, creating an opportunity to combine the love for Maine with American cuisine and nostalgic classics.

Maine Lobster Cream Cheese

Maine Lobster for Breakfast

Breakfast is a popular meal part for lobster with 24% growth over the past five years—consumers are enjoying lobster from dawn to dusk.

Maine Lobster Cornbread

Maine Lobster Breads

With baking-related product sales up by 24% in 2020, now's the time to infuse familiar baked goods with Maine Lobster's sweet flavor.

Maine Lobster Baos

Maine Lobster Baos

With increasingly adventurous eaters, Maine Lobster has the opportunity to take a starring role in a range of​ globally-inspired dishes.

Maine Lobster Empanadas

Global Bites: Maine Lobster Appetizers

Maine Lobster innovations aren’t just limited to the global entrées—it can also add a kick of flavor to start off any meal.

Maine Lobster Sausages

Maine Lobster Sausages

With more options competing with traditional sausage, casing Maine Lobster offers consumers a no hassle meal option.

Maine Lobster Ramen

Surprising Soups with Maine Lobster

The retail soup category is on the rise—expected to grow through 2024—with a unique opportunity to bring texture and taste with Maine Lobster.

Maine Lobster Meal Toppers

Maine Lobster Toppers

Maine Lobster makes a great centerpiece for any dish, but it can also help complement and enhance other dishes for up-sell potential.

Versatile Product Formats


Maine Lobster Mince

  • Available Products:
    Combination of a variety of cooked meat from within the shell.

  • Benefits:
    Highly flavorful and a light consistency—perfect for stuffed pastas, dips, soups, and stocks.

  • Processing:
    Typically frozen and packed in vacuum-sealed bag

Frozen Cooked

Frozen Cooked Maine Lobster
  • Available Cooked Products:
    Lobster meat (tail, claw and knuckle), tails and split tails, whole lobster.
  • Benefits:
    Can be thawed and used as topping and has a strong flavor—great for items where visible lobster is needed.
  • Processing:
    Typically frozen (via nitrogen or CO2 freezing) and packed in a vacuum-sealed bag.

Frozen Raw

Frozen Raw Maine Lobster

  • Available Raw Products:
    Lobster meat (tail, claw and knuckle).
  • Benefits:
    Best suited for start-to-finish cooked dishes, reduces risk of overcooking.
  • Processing:
    Typically frozen (via nitrogen or CO2 freezing) and packed in vacuum-sealed bag.

Want to Learn More?

Check out more Maine Lobster industry resources and find unique innovations from our Maine-based suppliers by visiting our dealer database.

Download our Maine Lobster Innovation Guide