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Maine's Most Iconic Seafood is Making Headlines 

From sharing the most popular places and activities to try on a trip to Maine's coastal fishing villages, to delicious Maine Lobster recipes to try at home, to the inside scoop on the industry and the lobstermen behind it, these stories are sure to give you a flavor for Maine Lobster. Check out some of our favorite reads on our favorite food!



Maine is getting ready for the first Maine Lobster Week

During one week in September, lobster lovers can order old favorites and taste new variations of the iconic Maine food during the state’s inaugural Maine Lobster Week, taking place Sept. 19-25. Visitors can snag lobster specials at restaurants, diners, food trucks, and lobster shacks statewide throughout the week.

July 30, 2021


A Day in the Life of a Maine Lobsterman

The next time you snooze your alarm clock at a very modest 8 am, think of Mike Sargent. Before you pour your first cup of coffee in the morning or maybe even get out of bed, this fourth-generation lobsterman has already traveled at least a dozen miles off the shore of Steuben, Maine, and hauled in a few hundred pounds of lobster.

July 23, 2021


How to Grill Shrimp, Lobster, Scallops, and Other Shellfish

For grilling lobster, you ideally want to purchase the crustacean alive from the tank at your local market so it maintains all its moisture until you cook it. Grilling it is super easy, infusing the meat with a subtly smoky flavor as the natural juices steam it.

July 6, 2021


food and wine

This Kennebunkport Hotel Is Offering the Ultimate Maine Lobster-Themed Suite

If you made a Venn diagram that had "People Who Love Maine Lobster" in one circle, and "People Who Love to Travel" in the other, there would probably be a significant amount of overlap. That's exactly the group that the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative (MLMC) is trying to attract with its newly announced Maine Lobster Suite at the Boathouse Waterfront Hotel in Kennebunkport.

 April 19, 2021


This Maine Lobster Tail Bouquet Is One Shell of a Valentine’s Day Gift

Candy and flowers are so passé. This year, give your Valentine something they really want: a bouquet of lobster tails... Each kit comes with either four or six lobster tails from lobsters taken from the cold, crisp waters of Maine. All lobsters are sustainably harvested and antibiotic free, according to the Maine Lobster Now website.

February 4, 2021 


Send Your Beloved a Maine Lobster Tail Bouquet for Valentine's Day

Perfect for a romantic dinner for two, the bouquet help you give the sweetest lobster on earth to the sweetest person in your life. The DIY kits feature premium and sustainable lobster harvested and shipped from Maine that helps the hardworking small businesses of the state’s fishery industry. 

February 2, 2021


You Can Give Your Love A Bouquet Of Lobster Tails This V-Day

"To reinvent the way you give Valentine's Day gifts, Maine Lobster makes a lobster tail bouquet that you can put together at home and turn into your romantic dinner for two."

February 2, 2021

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24 Great Gifts for Grillers

"Grilled seafood is a crowd pleaser, but throw some lobster tails on the grill, and the crowd is wowed. Order up this eight-pack of Maine-fresh lobster tails and they'll be ready to cook upon arrival — skewers and lemon garlic marinade packets are included."

November 30, 2020


Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Gourmet Gifts For Foodies

"Let’s start with Maine lobster, widely considered the gold standard worldwide, and let’s continue with fresh, not frozen, 100% lobster meat. Once you do that, the lobster roll is deceptively simple, decadent, rich and like most of the picks here, travels really well, so you can get the same enjoyment at home during the pandemic that you would in normal times at a seaside Maine lobster shack." 

November 23, 2020

Eating Well_MLMC

I Write About Food All Day—Here Are the 10 Food Gifts That Are Actually Worth Giving

"Lobster rolls used to only be reserved for enjoying by the beach, but now you can send them just about anywhere in the U.S., thanks to Goldbelly."

November 12, 2020

NESN Dining Playbook

NESN Dining Playbook

"The lobster industry for the state of Maine is one of its number 1 producers. It's something that we can't go without."

September 26, 2020

press herald

Maine lobster industry salvaged its summer despite pandemic

"Some lobster businesses pivoted to a direct-to-consumer model during the early stages of the pandemic in an attempt to keep moving product. That allowed the industry to weather the months in which shipping was disrupted and restaurants were almost completely shut down. And lobsters remained easy to find in Maine supermarkets throughout the summer."

September 26, 2020

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8 Incredible Maine Lobster Roll Kits You Can Have Delivered to Your Doorstep

Hear me out. Travel is restricted. Our food options have been constricted. Morale at your house is likely low. So why not do something about all three of those dilemmas at once via National Lobster Day? Read on a little further and I’ll tell you exactly how you can A) support hard-working Americans, B) feel like you’ve traveled to Maine, and C) serve up THE BEST meal you’ve had in 2020.

September 24, 2020


How to Cook and Breakdown a Lobster

Eating lobster can be intimidating. Not only is it expensive and difficult to find, but the creatures are still alive when you get them home and you have to break it apart to reveal all of that rich meat inside. But it's not as scary as you think.

September 23, 2020


On the road again: How to explore the seaside towns of southern Maine

To help maintain business flow during coronavirus shutdowns, The Clam Shack, Luke's Lobster, Eventide, Black Point, Get Maine Lobster, Hancock Lobster Co. and McLoons Lobster Shack all launched their own DIY lobster kits, which can be viewed on their websites. Most deliver nationwide in 24-hours and offer in-person pickup for locals and folks driving through. I snagged one from The Clam Shack and from Eventide for a friendly cook-at-home competition and it was a tough call to rule which was the winner.

September 17, 2020


Weekend Project: How To Make Lobster Rolls, No Matter Where You Live

“Maine new-shell lobster is really a delicacy,” he said. “It’s probably the most tender and sweetest lobster that you're going to find anywhere.”
Not only is the time right, but making lobster rolls at home couldn’t be easier. The hardest part for most people is getting your hands on fresh lobster. But Maine lobster shacks, restaurants, and fisheries have made it easy for you by selling their products online in ready-to-make lobster rolls kits."

September 11, 2020

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Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski names Maine’s best lobster roll

In support of the Maine lobster industry and in collaboration with the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative (MLMC), Antoni and Martha set out to celebrate their love of fresh Maine lobster. The MLMC, founded in 2013, seeks to grow demand for Maine lobster products and support the industry. Antoni was on the hunt for the best lobster roll in Maine—and he found it in Kennebunkport. Porowski named the lobster roll from The Clam Shack the best in Maine.

August 20, 2020


Top-Grade Meat and Seafood are More Accessible, Thanks to COVID-19

“Some fish can be tricky to cook correctly at home, but lobster has such a sweet flavor all on its own. Even prepared very simply, it will still be a delicious meal.” - Marianne LaCroix

August 11, 2020

specialty food association

Maine Lobster Industry Pivots Focus

“Typically we spend a lot of our marketing resources educating chefs about Maine lobster,” said Marianne LaCroix, executive director of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative, which represents Maine lobster harvesters, dealers, and processors. “We looked at what was available to us, and saw it was going to have to be about consumers eating lobster at home this year.”

July 27, 2020

real simple

Grab Your Bib: The Price of Lobster Is at a Record Low Right Now

Eating lobster directly supports small businesses. “This is a great time to eat lobster,” LaCroix says. “Every time you eat a lobster, you’re helping an independent fisherman in Maine.”

July 16, 2020

Seafood Source

Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative releases “Maine Lobster Buyer’s Guide”

The guide itself is a resource that buyers can use to fully understand the lobster fishery and how it works. A lot of the information has been available in some form from MLMC, but the new guide consolidates it and aims to answer a lot of the common questions.

“We thought this would be a really powerful piece to get all the information together,” LaCroix said. “We wanted to answer the questions that the suppliers tell us they often get.”

June 24, 2020


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Lobster BLTs on Potato Rolls

Maine Lobster featured on cover of June 2020 issue of Food & Wine

June 2020

Food Network

If You're Oprah, Why Eat Chicken Sandwiches When You Can Eat Lobster Rolls?

"The Maine coastal staple was apparently not what the global star expected. “I expected it to be lots of mayonnaise and stuff in there, but this is like … pure.”

“This is a real lobster roll,” she is told."

January 25, 2020


It Turns Out Friends Was Wrong About Lobsters and We're Shook

However, The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative wants to set the record straight on lobster love.

"Lobsters, by nature, are not monogamous and do not pair for life," Curt Brown, Ready Seafood's in-house marine biologist, said in a statement to E! News. "A dominant male will actually mate with multiple females during encounters that last days to weeks. A literal example of ‘love on the rocks!'

August 20, 2019


Maine's Lobster Collective Is Giving Away a Downeast Vacation This Summer

“Many don’t know that Maine Lobster has a peak harvesting season when lobsters molt their hard exterior shells to make way for a new softer shell, resulting in Maine's favorite lobster—sweet, succulent Maine New Shell Lobster,” the collaborative said in a statement. “So, we’re helping spread the word with our lobster-lovers waitlist.”

June 5, 2019

Seafood Source

Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative creates promotional “Content Hub”

“Many don’t know that Maine Lobster has a peak harvesting season when lobsters molt their hard exterior shells to make way for a new softer shell, resulting in Maine's favorite lobster—sweet, succulent Maine New Shell Lobster,” the collaborative said in a statement. “So, we’re helping spread the word with our lobster-lovers waitlist.”

May 30, 2019

AP news

Maine Lobster biz looks to crack open new markets as catch soars

Maine lobstermen, who typically account for about four-fifths of the nation’s lobster haul, brought nearly 120 million pounds of the crustaceans to the docks in 2018. That’s more than twice the total from 15 years earlier.

March 25, 2019

seafood news

Maine Lobster Market Group Will Evolve Promotional Strategy After Increased Landings, Value in 2018

"We will continue to share our story with tastemakers, distributors and consumers across the country.”

March 5, 21019

fox business

Maine lobster fishing family business tradition continues for generations

In Maine, lobster fishing is a way of life, with parents still teaching kids the tricks of the trade.

November 2, 2018

fox business

How these female lobsterman are breaking stereotypes

Lobster boat captain Krista Tripp is part of an all-female crew of lobsterman who are making a mark for women in the male-dominated fishing industry.

October 12, 2018


Martha Stewart Vs. Giada De Laurentiis: Whose Lobster Roll Is Better?

Fun fact! During summer, Maine lobsters shed their shells and grow new ones. It sounds weird, but it's really cool because the seawater that fills the new shell "marinates" the lobster meat and makes it perfectly sweet and even more delicate.

August 7, 2018

heritage radio network

Episode 114 Homarus Americanus 

Lobsters were once the food of the poor and incarcerated, but now they've moved into the realm of the decadent and represent a delicious and pricey delicacy, yet they also exist in a realm of eating with your hands, and picnic fare in the form of the seemingly omnipresent lobster roll

July 16, 2018


6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Lobsters

However, from mid-June through November, lobsters shed their shells for new, larger ones underneath. The result is what is called "new shell," or "soft shell" lobster and they have a sweeter, more tender meat inside.

July 12, 2018

martha stewart

7 Crowd-Pleasing Party Platters for Easy Summer Entertaining

New-shell lobsters have a sweeter taste and more tender texture than thicker-shelled ones.

July/August 2018

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